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World Top 18 Transparent Animals That Prove This Planet Is a Miracle


There are animals that look like they’ve found Harry Potter’s invisible cloak to protect themselves from predators. Some of them are fully translucent and only a pair of eyes unveils the existence of a creature underneath the glassy skin. The most interesting part is that some of them weren’t born like that as a species, but have evolved their body types to partial or full transparency through the years, like the glass octopus and the glass frog.

At Bright Sidewe love exploring the wonders of Mother Nature, that is why we’ve collected the most unusual see-through animals that will make you want to touch them with your hands to believe they really do exist.

1. The Transparent Juvenile Surgeonfish

If you are wondering why this beautiful transparent fish looks familiar it’s because it is a member of the Dory family, Nemo’s companion from Finding Nemo. It is a juvenile surgeonfish and its species is called Acanthuridae. They live in tropical seas.

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