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WHY??? Why would anyone throw a kitten on the freeway??? Please share.


A heartwarming video has emerged of a motorist stopping on a motorway to rescue a kitten stuck on the road.

The dashcam footage, shot last week in Austin, Texas captures the moment a man got out of his car to pick up a small cat lost in the middle of the road.

Kitten was on the freeway, thankfully, someone jumped out and grabbed it. Thanks to the good Samaritan who saved its life!” the filmer wrote online.


Near miss … Car is seen whizzing past helpless kitten

THIS is the heartwarming moment a motorist saves the life of a helpless kitten that misses death by inches as it slowly crosses a busy motorway.

The nailbiting footage shows a tiny black kitten in the middle of a road while cars speed past — missing it by just inches.

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