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Watch: This Munchkin Kitten Is Going Viral On The Internet For His Adorable Way Of Sleeping.


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WARNING: Cuteness overload ahead.

If you’re having a bad day so far, I guarantee this will cheer you up because, omg so cuuuteee!!!

Starting Instagram accounts for babies and pets has become a norm nowadays, and I must say it gives followers something to look forward to at the end of the day.

We all know that cats are masters of sleeping because they can sleep anytime, anywhere and in all kinds of funny positions. They often love sleeping on the side or curled up like a shrimp and that’s really cute. However, there are some cats who love to lay on their back with their legs straight out, almost looking like a human. And an orange and white calico munchkin kitten named Chata is probably the most famous for this.

Source: Instagram

At only 2 and a half months old, Chata has taken the Internet by storm as it sleeps on its back, exposing its round belly and tiny pink paws that you just can’t help but want to gently squeeze.

Source: Instagram

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