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[TOP] Techniques to Train your Dog


Make Use of his Paws

Teach your dog to shake your hand and give you a high five by following the steps listed below.

• Let your dog sit across you.

• Wait for him to lift his paws then use the clicker and give him a treat.

Repeat this process for at least 4 to 5 times.

• Whenever he lifts his paw, make sure to give a command by saying the word “Paw” then use the clicker and give him a treat so he could associate these actions together.


You can teach your dog how to jump! To do this, you have to:

• Bring out your training stick and hold it high in the air.
• Automatically, your dog will think that for him to touch it he has to jump and that is what he would do.
• If your dog doesn’t jump, try to lower down the position of the stick then when he touches it, angle the stick up a bit then use the clicker and give him a treat.

• Then give a command by saying the word “jump” as you angle the stick higher once more. When he does jump, make sure to use the clicker and offer him a reward.

• Repeat until he no longer has a hard time jumping.

Teach him How to Leap.

Leaping is another skill that will be very beneficial for your dog and that he can easily learn if he knows how to come to you. Here is what you have to do:

• Allow your dog to sit on the floor then carefully place a stick on the ground.

• Now, go to the other end of the stick and call the dog by his name.

• Use the clicker and give your dog a treat as he crosses the stick.

• Practice some more, then angle the stick even higher by placing it over stacks of books.

• Use the clicker and give him a treat upon doing so.

Act like a Man.

Congratulations! Now you have reached the final week of training. This time, you can teach your dog how to be reliable and act like a person – or something like it. You see, a well-behaved dog is a kind of dog who is worth admiring and worth petting – and that is what you want your dog to be! Here
are some of the things that you could teach him.

Spinning Around.

Do this trick only when you know that your dog is ready as it may make him dizzy. However, it is also fun to watch every once in a while so that you could teach him this, too!

• To let your dog go on a circular motion, use your touch stick as a guide.

• Now, when you see that your dog has gone into a circular motion, use the clicker and reward him.

• Lessen the use of the touch stick gradually and repeat the process until the dog learns how to spin without the stick.

Jump through Hoops.

You have probably seen this trick in the circus or most dog shows. Well, you can teach this to your dog, too! All you have to do is:

• Place the hoop on the floor first then ask someone to hold it. Ask your dog to come to the hoop.

• Repeat the said process until such time that your dog already feels comfortable going around the hoop.

• When that happens, you can now hold the hoop higher and then give a command by saying the word “leap” so your dog would jump through it. Do not forget to call him by his name, as well.

• Raise the hoop higher and ask your dog to leap then do not forget to use the clicker and give him a treat when he does.

Roll Over

This trick is one of the most popular dog tricks out there, and if you can help your dog learn how to do it then, by all means, you are on to something! To teach him this trick, just follow the instructions below.

• First, ask your dog to lie down on the floor.

• Then, use the training stick to guide him to where you want him to roll over. It is important that you see him use his back to roll. When he does this, use the clicker and reward him. Give a command by saying the word “Roll Over” so he will be able to connect these words with the trick.

• Repeat the process until he rolls over completely then stop making use of the training stick.

• When he rolls over without the stick, praise and pets him and don’t forget to offer him a treat. Always make use of the clicker, too.

X Marks the Spot

Teach your dog to go to a place where you have marked with either an item or a marker. Here is what you have to do:

• First, wait for your dog to touch your training stick then give him a treat and use the clicker after.

• Then, place an item or a packaging tape on the floor as a marker then points towards it with the use of your training stick.

• Lead your dog to the spot by saying the name of the marker and when he comes to it, use the clicker and reward him.

• Repeat the process until your dog understands it.

Shake It Off

Before you sing that Taylor Swift song, take note that this is basically about teaching your dog how to shake. This is a fun trick and here is how you can teach him to do it:

• When he shakes his body after bathing, especially if he does not shake it off too much on you, use the clicker and reward him with a treat.

• Now, if he does it again, even if you have not bathed him yet or when he is completely dry, use the clicker and offer a treat once more. This will help him understand that it is okay to shake.

• Give a command by saying the word “Shake” and maybe move your body in the same manner, too. Offer a treat and use the clicker if he follows you.

That was fun, wasn’t it? Practice these tricks and see how much more
happiness your dog could bring you!

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