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This dog buys a cookie at the bar every day and pays with a leaf


There are dogs who have such a level of insight and intuition that we cannot remain indifferent to certain little anecdotes concerning them. “All he needs is speech”, this is what we often hear about some very intelligent animals. At the Technical Institute of Monterrey Casanare, in Colombia, a black dog, very similar to a labrador, “monitors” the teachers and the students every day in exchange for a little food. Students, in particular, usually bring him cookies from the campus bar as a token of gratitude.

Image credits: A Peña J David

What the students did not yet know was that the very intelligent dog not only accepted these cookies but carefully observed how humans obtained this delicious food: by exchanging “green papers” and receiving in exchange for delicious snacks. So the animal immediately took the opportunity to try for himself; one day, in fact, he shows up at the campus bar with a large leaf in his mouth, wagging his tail while waiting for his treat.

Image credits: A Peña J David

The woman at the bar couldn’t believe her eyes! The inventiveness of the dog had really exceeded all expectations. Angela Garcia Bernal, a teacher at the Institute, assumed that the dog had seen this exchange of money for treats so many times that he wanted to try it out on his own.

Image credits: A Peña J David

The counter attendant was more than happy to give the dog a cookie in exchange for this sheet.

“From this moment, the animal continued to present itself each day with a leaf, so as to receive its small reward.” said the woman at the bar. Obviously, the campus staff decided to limit the daily ration of cookies, to preserve the health of the animal.

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