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The Psychology Of Today’s Modern Dog Breeds


The most important takeaway from our short history lesson about the evolution of modern dogs is that they have come from wild ancestors. This means that today’s dogs still carry a lot of the characteristics and attributes of their ancient ancestors.

For example, these ancient dog ancestors were social pack animals. To this day, most dogs are by their nature still social pack animals. This explains why majority of dog breeds today tend to get along very well with other dogs even if the other dogs are from completely different breeds. No matter their breed, the social instincts of their ancestors still run in their blood.

This ancestry also explains why most dogs get along well with humans. We are social creatures just like them and their instincts often tell them to join our pack. For most dogs, they now see us as the leader of the pack. This is why they obey us, behaves well when they are around us, and is willing to do just about anything to please us.

In a dog pack, there are three key positions – the front, middle, and rear. The dogs in the front are the pack leaders and their responsibilities include finding what the pack needs to survive like food, water and shelter.

The dogs in the middle position are the mediators. They are not that strong or intelligent to become leaders but they are not that weak or sensitive to be relegated at the rear. The middle dogs help maintains peace and stability in the pack by policing themselves and the dogs at the rear. When you see two dogs fighting and a dog or two tries to break up the fight.

the ones breaking up the fight are usually middle position dogs. They play a very important role in keeping the pack together.

The dogs in the rear are the most sensitive ones in the pack and their job is to alert the pack especially. 

The leaders if they sense that the pack is in serious danger.

Not every dog in the pack can be a leader. It just doesn’t work that day. There’s the leader and then there’s the followers. That’s the dog hierarchy since the beginning of their evolution and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

It’s important that you understand this dog pack hierarchy because as the owner and master of a dog, you are looked upon as part of the pack.

Every dog needs leadership and since you are considered as the leader of the pack, you need to act like one. If a dog doesn’t have strong leadership, it can become unbalanced. This might lead to anxiety, confusion, and aggression towards humans and other dogs.

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