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Secrets of Living in Harmony with your Dog


Open a Door

Wouldn’t it be cool if your dog knows how to close and open a door? For this trick, you need a towel or a bandana that you can tie on the knob so your dog can have something to tug on.

• Call your dog by his name and make hand signals that will help him realize that he has to tug on the towel that is hanging on the knob.

• Wait for him to do so and just be patient. Once he tugs on it and the door is closed, say “open” and wait until he tugs hard enough and the door opens. Use the clicker and give him a treat once he does the trick successfully.

• Repeat doing this until he learns to open the door by tugging.

Let us Count!

And finally, for the last day of training, it would be nice if you could teach your dog how to count. It is one of the best tricks out there, and it will impress a lot of people! Here is what you have to do:

• First, sit across from your dog so you would be able to face each other.

• Hold your right hand up and hold a treat with your other hand then look at your dog in the eye. This will prompt him to bark.

• Once he barks, reward him with a treat. Ensure that you repeat the process for him to bark another time then drop your hand. Reward him once he does.

Repeat the process until he understands that he will receive a reward if he barks until you put your hand down.

Hush, Hush

Some people say that one of the main reasons why dogs make good pets is the fact that dogs bark at strangers. However, sometimes, they could be a little too territorial, and they may also bark at people you want them to be friends with such as your friends or some of your relatives. And of course, that would be a bit annoying because you really wouldn’t like to spend your time asking your dog to stop barking, would you? Well, you can try to quiet him down by following the instructions below:

• Look at your dog while he barks unnecessarily then wait for him to stop. Or, call him by his name and say “Stop” and wait until he does so.

• Once he does, use the clicker and offer a treat.

• Now, give a command by saying the word “hush” to get him to quiet down and reward him with a treat.

• Repeat until necessary. You can also make use of hand signals so that your dog will be able to follow you easily.


Now, this is one of those things that you usually see dog owners teach their pets. It is fun, and it makes for good playtime! Here is what you have to do:

• Ask your dog to pick something up on the floor and ask him to come to you so he could give it to you.

• Then, once the toy is in your hands, toss it away from him, but make sure that it is not too far that he cannot easily get to it.

• Tell your dog to pick it up and wait for him to do so then use the clicker and give him a treat once he hands it over to you.

• Do not worry about repetition. Dogs usually love this trick!

Jump Rope

If your dog knows how to jump, he should also learn how to jump rope! This is also a good form of exercise, so it is beneficial for your dog. Here is how you can teach him to do it:

• First, prepare a table that your dog could step on then tell him to “jump” on the table. Make sure that the table is sturdy so your dog will be safe.

• Use the clicker once he jumps and rewards him with a treat.

• Then hold the jump rope with one hand and tie the other end of it to another sturdy item, such as a pole then let the jump rope move back and forth, so your dog will realize how easy it is to move on it.

• Turn the jump rope, but stop once it comes across the legs of your dog. Give a command by saying the word “jump”.

• When you see your dog jumping, slide the jump rope underneath him and use the clicker then give him a treat.

• Practice until he no longer has a hard time jumping on the rope!

Keeping his Toys

Dogs are like kids in the sense that they love to play. And that’s why you also have to teach them to be responsible using keeping their toys in the storage if they are not using them. Here is what you have to do:

• Place a basket on the floor right next to you then put his toys on the floor.

• Ask him to pick up a toy, come to you, and “drop” the toy in the basket.

• Repeat until all of the toys on the floor are in the basket, then use the clicker and give him a treat.

• Say “Put your toys away” before asking him to pick up his toys, come to you, and drop the said toys in the basket.

• Repeat as necessary.

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