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Look What Happened to the Man Who Beat His Dog. What’s Your Opinion?


After Tom-Jan Hüsch’s girlfriend broke up with him, he decided to take revenge to an extreme level by violently hitting and punching the dog his girlfriend bought him as a present. Worst of all he decided to film it all and upload to Facebook.

This video was since removed from Facebook, however the video instantly went viral, attracting the attention of one man who decided to bring this little dog justice by tracking down Hüsch and inflicting the same pain to him that Hüsch inflicted on the poor, defenseless animal.

The disturbing, violent video quickly went viral, catching the attention of German resident Josef Guldschmitt, who made it his mission to seek justice for the defenseless, innocent dog.

Guldschmitt tracked down the abuser, determined to inflict the same pain to him that he inflicted on the dog. And, he recorded the incident, posting the video to Facebook as a warning to would-be abusers that animal cruelty would not be tolerated in Germany.

“I really wanted him to die.” said Guldschmitt. “If I could have found my pliers, I would have twisted his scrotum off too.”

As of yet, no charges have been filed against Guldschmitt.

 What’s your opinion?

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