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Does My Cat Need A Bath Or Grooming?


Generally cats do not smell because they don’t sweat like dogs, but they sweat through their paws. I send Theodore regularly to the groomers as he does have a habit of getting into dusty cupboards or hidey holes I never knew existed (and therefore never clean).

The main reason though is the trimming of his nails. Since I didn’t have Theodore as a kitten, he was not introduced to nail clipping at an early age. At the groomers, it sometimes takes three people to do the job i.e. two to hold him and one brave soul to clip as he is extremely finicky about his hind legs. If you have a kitten, start introducing Mr. Clipper as soon as possible.

Regularly trimmed nails also mean less damage to your skin and furniture. Theodore can get over zealous during playtimes and scratched me accidentally. It stings like a paper-cut, so keep some antiseptic cream nearby. I use an organic cream that is good for both pets and humans.

My vet who has three outdoor cats does not think bathing is necessary, unless they fell into some mud. It’s really up to your personal preference… you could even try a DIY spa for kitty at home.

WHY??? Why would anyone throw a kitten on the freeway??? Please share.

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