Dogs That Are Totally Sick Of Their Own Puppies And Can’t Help But Let It Show


Although making the decision to become a parent is both exciting and life-changing, it certainly doesn’t come without its share of stress. Taking your eye off a child for even a brief moment can result with little Jimmy tumbling down the stairs or accidentally shattering a family heirloom.

Don’t think for one second our canine companions have it any easier, either. Just like every mother and father in the world, there are plenty of days they just want to wave the white flag in defeat. Welcome to parenthood, pooches. Try to enjoy the tender moments along the way…

1- There’s nothing quite like taking the kids for a pleasant stroll through the park on a gorgeous day, especially when those kids are adorable little fluffballs. This mother has every reason in the world to be proud.

2- Hey, somebody come quick and help that little guy stuck upside-down among his thirsty brother and sisters! It looks like he just fell backwards onto the pile and hoped to weasel his way in without much effort.

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