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Try Not To Laugh Challenge – It’s Cats Vs Dogs In This Viral Obstacle Course Challenge 2020


A trend going viral online aims to settle the debate around who is better between cats and dogs – at least when it comes to the grace and finesse department.

Just recently, Twitter was taken by a storm by a new viral challenge called “Cat vs. Dog Challenge” which displays the differences in how cats and dogs deal with obstacles in their way.

This viral challenge shows dogs and cats competing with each other in a very funny way. Each species is put to funny and engaging tests with different obstacles to show how differently they complete their tasks. Many pet owners decided to take part in this challenge to show that both species are different, but that it doesn’t mean that one is better.

Image credits: BlackHalt
Image credits: BlackHalt

The trend has caught on, and every single addition is a delight to watch.

Every animal approaches the sudden introduction of obstacles differently, and since you can never go wrong watching videos of cute pets, each one is truly its own unique gift to the world.

Image credits: milkyboki
Image credits: milkyboki

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