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Does My Cat Recognize His Name?

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Dog owners probably have a leg-up on this. Cats are more ambiguous and respond more to our tone and voice. They are known to respond better if trained as kittens. You can try rewarding a treat every time kitty responds to his name.

Theodore was estimated ten months old when I adopted him. I tried not to confuse him by calling him “baby”, “kitty” or “sweetie pie”. Every day I called him “Theodore” especially during mealtimes. Nowadays he definitely recognizes his name and will respond eight out of ten times even when he’s out of sight. I knew for sure when one time he heard someone called “Theodore” on TV and immediately looked up.

Not only can you teach your cat to recognize his name, you can also teach simple commands like “sit” or “wait”. Theodore also understands a few other words like: “wait”, “sit”, “down”, “no”, “clever boy”, “bonito” etc. Cats are really highly intelligent animals that can be taught with some patience.

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