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Behaviour of pedigree cats


Are pedigree cats friendlier than ordinary cats? There are some studies which suggest that pedigree cats behave more nicely to their owners than ordinary moggies. But this apparent difference may the result of a difference among breeders. Good pedigree breeders will give their kittens a good start in life, while the crossbred kitten bred in a stable may not have been handled enough to be friendly.

The other possibility is that people who buy expensive pedigree cats may value them more than people who just adopt the local stray. Mind you, devote cat lovers can and often do lavish a world of care and love on a scruffy stray! So while breed societies often claim that their particular breed is particularly friendly, we can’t be sure if the difference is really there. However, some of the physical differences between pedigrees and ordinary moggies will lead to differences in behaviour

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