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Baby is abandoned and left to freeze to death – but now watch what this cat does


How about this for a headline: “hero cat saves baby from freezing to death in Russian street.” Yup, you read that right and yup, there is a cat in Russia, named Masha, who totally just saved a baby’s life.

We knew cats had 9 lives, but Masha is seriously paying it forward. Also, so much cat-lover pride right now.

Animals have a unqiue instinct and ability to perceive when something is not right.

We’ve seen countless examples of this – but here is one story in particular that especially proves just how amazing our beloved pets can be.

When you hear that a hero animal rescued someone from mortal danger, you’d probably assume that it was a dog — most likely a collie — that saved the day. In this case, the hero was a cat named Masha.

The protagonist of this unprecedented story is homeless cat Masha.

All her life, Masha had lived on the cold streets of Obinisk, a city in Russia.

This is Masha, and she is a hero.

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