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Australian Firefighters Pose With Cats For 2020 Charity Calendar, And It’s Every Cat Lady’s Dream


Cat ladies know it’s that time of the year, again. Since 1993, firefighters from Australia’s Urban, Rural, Aviation, Armed Forces and Corporate fire-fighting services came together to create one of the world’s most iconic calendar, and  three years ago they added a cat calendar to their collection.

For 2020 they went even bigger and produced 6 unique calendars, featuring firefighters with cats, dogs, horses, wild animals, Australia native animals, in addition to the classic Firefighter Calendar.

In a sort of anticipation of the 2021 edition, when the first International Firefighters Calendar will be released, this year the calendars feature firefighters from Germany and France.

The good part of the story, apart from the ‘firefighters + kittens’ combo, is that these calendars support charities with a focus on native Australian, rescue, and therapy animals.

“We felt that it was important to help some of the smaller charities that the public never hears about. These grass roots organizations work tirelessly in their local community making a huge difference to people’s lives” says David Rogers, Director of the Australian Firefighters Calendar.

Below you can see a sneak peek of 2020 Australian Firefighters Cat Calendar, that is available now on their official website.

If you’re interested in knowing more about their work and charity, feel free take a look at their Facebook and Instagram pages.





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