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[103] Year Old Woman’s Only Birthday Wish Comes True. 2020

As Lillian celebrated her 103rd birthday, she never expected her one and only wish to come true!

Hoping to fill the emptiness in her heart after the loss of her beloved cat “Sammy” years prior, only one thing was on her mind. She desperately wanted another loving feline to complete her.

A long time cat lover, she would often leave milk outside in the hopes of helping local cats needing food and love.

The staff at Ridgeview Gardens Assisted Living in St. George, Utah went above and beyond for lucky Lillian. Working with the St. George animal shelter, the team set the scene for a surprise party to rival none other!
Colorful balloons and decorations filled the courtyard of the facility. A delicious barbecue luncheon awaited Lillian and all her friends. The party was in full swing when the guest of honor arrived.
Marley, a gorgeous 9 year old female calico was presented to an overjoyed Lillian! It’s unlikely Lillian’s loving reaction to the cat left a dry eye in the house.

The two instantly hit it off and Marley settled right into Lillian’s lap.

Believing Marley was just there for a visit, the birthday girl was even more surprised to learn the feline was there to stay!

The administrator of the living facility had organized for Marley to become a purrmanent resident, sharing her life with Lillian.

Marley’s previous owners had surrendered her to the shelter recently, through no fault of the caring feline. She was a absolute cuddle kitty so the staff know she’d make the perfect fit to help heal Lillian’s heart.

The shelter waived the adoption fees and even delivered Marley complete with an accompanying cat “care package”.

The staff and Lillian’s friends will continue to care for both these loving souls until their journey’s end.

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